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Why We Achieve Amazing Results  

BlockFIT uses a results based, holistic training and nutritional system developed for individuals that are committed to achieving their goals.

We are results driven in our approach to how we design and implement our customised training and nutritional programming for each client. 

The BlockFIT system is a holistic approach to your health and fitness goals based on a functional training and whole foods nutritional approach designed to empower and give you the tools to achieve longterm optimal health.

Contact Anna for an initial consultation, to make an inquiry or booking on 0421 880 648 or by emailing anna@blockfit.com.au


BlockFIT have two offerings;

12 Week Results Package

- Initial Consultation and Goal Setting

- DEXA Body Scan 

- Body Measurements 

- Customised 12 Week Nutrition Plans

- Training Program

- Personal Training Sessions

Our Results Package enables our clients to achieve superior results in 12 weeks whilst providing a fun, dynamic experience.

Individual Personal and Group Training

Training is based on a functional approach comprising of efficient 45 and 60 min sessions tailored to your current fitness level using a range of equipment like kettlebells, the TRX suspension system, battle ropes, aqua bags, dead balls and plyometrics.

  • Circuit Training

  • Weight loss

  • Metabolic Conditioning

  • Kettlebell training

  • Plyometric Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workouts

  • Weight Lifting

  • Mobility drills / Dynamic Stretching


Contact Anna for an inital consultation or to make an inquiry on 0421 880 648 or emailing us at anna@blockfit.com.au