Why We Achieve Amazing Results  

We specialise in High Intensity Interval (H.I.I.T) training, nutrition plans, holistic train&eat packages, online fitness training, nutritional and fitness seminars and unique health retreats.

The BlockFIT training system is a holistic approach to your health and fitness goals based on a HIIT training and nutritional approach designed to empower you to achieve optimal health.

If you want low impact, full body conditioning in less than 30 minutes guaranteed to give you results fast in a safe, supportive environment then BlockFIT training is for you.

Training comprises of efficient 30-60 minute sessions tailored to your current fitness level using a range of equipment like kettlebells, the TRX suspension system, battle ropes, aqua bags, dead balls and plyometrics.

Both one-on-one and group training comprising of;

  • Circuit Training

  • Weight loss

  • Metabolic Conditioning

  • Kettlebell training

  • Plyometric Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workouts

  • Weight Lifting

  • Mobility drills / Dynamic Stretching

Our nutritional approach is based on a whole-foods methodology developed for time poor, busy individuals that want to optimise their health. 

We enable our clients to achieve superior results whilst providing a fun, dynamic experience.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation, corporate inquiry or training request by emailing us at anna@blockfit.com.au