90 Day Results Wellness Immersion Program



Product Description

90 Day Package includes:

  • Initial Skype or F2F Consultation
  • Health Coaching Strategy Session
  • Personalised DNA test (identifies best training and nutritional approach)
  • 1-on-1 Fitness & Mobility Training ( 2-5 x 45/ 60 mins per week F2F or online)
  • Custom Nutrition Program based on your DNA results
  • DEXA Body Mapping and Scan
  • Bi-monthly Body Measurements
  • Inclusion to vibrant online BlockFIT Community for additional support

+ Option of adding Live Blood Analysis to package.

+ Option of adding additional Health Coaching Sessions.


“After three weeks of training I dropped from 114kg to 106kg. I didn’t initially believe the training would work especially because I haven’t really changed my diet and still have a few beers each night. I feel so much better” – Nicholas Sims.

“Since starting with Anna “I feel stronger in every day life. To me, it is so important to have a fit, healthy body and also to have the energy to do everything I want. Anna’s training helps me to achieve and maintain this. I have also learnt a lot about nutrition with Anna which means I can eat the right foods to maximise my workouts!” – Steph L.

“Anna is motivating, inspiring and gets results! Her sessions are fun, fast and challenging, but she is with you every step of the way. I love how her sessions are based on intervals, you get results without spending hours training! Highly recommended, awesome trainer” – Amanda N.